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Saturday, May 1, 2010

At The Farmer's Markete

To day we all went to one of the farmer's markets in Traverse City to sell our farm products. All went well, we did good on sales despite the low shopper traffic. I think since it was such a warm sunny day not as many customers made their way indoors to the market. While there some friends of ours from Sitka Alaska stopped by to visit with us it was nice seeing some of them (The mother and three of the children) again. They were down for a short stay to see her mother and others in the area. Also another family we know came though the market to shop and we visited for a little while. It was nice to fellowship with both families and hear what they all have been up too and how God is leading them. The one family has a jam and preserves business that uses the wild plants and fruits of Sitka and also a CSA garden, here is their website www.simplepleasuresak.com. And the other family lives near by us on a small 5 acre farm. As their three young children grow older it is nice to see their parents teaching them at home and giving them time to learn practical homesteading skills on their small farm such as gardening, making maple syrup, and hog butchering.
Me waiting for the customers
Me and my father with a large 4# loaf of bread we bought from one of the venders.
my brothers enjoyed their time there playing with folk toys some they made themselves and others were found in a free box at a yard sale.
Mrs Pierce and her three children from Sitka Alaska.


Jennifer said...

Mmmm.. that bread looks good!

Andrew B. said...

Farmers market can get boring after a while... At least you got to see several of your friends! :-)
Thanks for the pictures!
Andrew Bornemann