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Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Ram And Hay Drying Racks

Today we went to Joe Wave's farm to pick up a ram that we gave to him a few years a go. Joe is getting a new ram so he offered it back to us and I decided to get him back. He was born on our farm so he is a little related to the rest of our sheep but since we have brought in new blood lines we will be able to use him agin as a breeding ram. This ram fathers very nice lambs that get almost too fat on just grass (no grain) so I am glad to have him back. Joe lent him out to another farm and there he had an accident to one of his front legs. Some how he got his leg crushed and the bone was sticking out so this farmer farmer cut the leg of at the knee folded the skin over and wrapped it up with duct-tape. The leg healed up and he can still mount the ewes to breed.
Also this evening I made two hay rack to dry the hay I am planing on cutting with my scythe. I am very pleased with how they turned out and will be making a lot more. One thing nice about them is that they come apart easily for storage, and do not need fasteners to keep them together and yet can hold a lot of weight.
The old three legged veteran before I sheared him
After the shearing
The pile of wool
The hay racks set up they are made out of pine scraps that I got free at the local sawmill.
The hay racks taken apart for storage

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