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Friday, June 11, 2010

More Details

Well one thing that is keeping any human body here that has functioning limbs busy is pulling and chopping something that comes up when you disrupt Nature's garden and plant what you think is best. I think you who are reading this have have all ready guessed what I'm talking about if not it is weeds! With over an acre planted in garden stuff it seems like when one garden is weeded the one that was weeded before needs to be weeded again! We like to compare it to the Mackinaw bridge which takes years to paint from one end to the other so when it is all painted it needs to be painted again! By july every thing we planted is tall and spread out and shades out the weeds. But right now if the weed are allowed to gain the upper hand we will never get to enjoy the sight of a well maintained garden in the summer. Well, the rain shower was brief so I am heading out to plant potatoes.

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