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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rain Rain, And More Rain

It has been poring on and off for the last couple days. This is good for the garden and fields, but not for making hay especially baled hay. Despite the rain I have made over 1000 pounds of hay this would be the equivalent of a large round bale or 25 small square bales. One thing that is nice about cutting with a scythe is that the grass can be wet, the best time to cut is in the early morning when the dew is on. Also when hay is done by hand it is stacked this keeps the rain off the hay deep in the stack and then when the the sun shines the outside of the stack dries.
Today I did a little repair on the garden tiller, I replaced an oil seal and put new gear oil in, and put a new tube in one of the tires. So once it dries out it is ready to cultivate the gardens. The corn is growing very well and is up to my chest in some places. Now that it stopped raining I think I'll go back and work on the walk behind tractor that I am fixing up to hopefully sell since we do not use it any more, I do not want the farm to succumb to heavy metal disease.
The corn on it's way to "sky high by the 4th of July" the GMO corn across the road is not even nee high! Thumbs up for OP Wapsie Valley corn!

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Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Here is a poem I knew you would like:

The Shepherd's Calendar
by John Clare

July the month of summer's prime
Again resumes her busy time
Scythes tinkle in each grassy dell
Where solitude was wont to dwell.

And meadows they are mad with noise
Of laughing maids and shouting boys
Making up the withering hay
With merry hearts as light as play.

The very insects on the ground
So nimbly bustle all around
Among the grass or dusty soil
They seem partakers in the toil.

The very landscape reels with life
While mid the busy stir and strife
Of industry the shepherd still
Enjoys his summer dreams at will.