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Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Hay Days

To day is very hot and windy. We have been very busy bringing in the hay both loose and baled, we get hay from a farmer in Buckley, and I have been cutting the loose hay in the road sides and on other small fields near are farm. So far I have cut and dried about a ton (2000 lbs) of loose hay and we will gather 800 bales of hay so far we have got 549. We got a load of hay last night all went well, we had extra help from my cousins and an other friends so we got it loaded and home quickly. we unloaded and stacked it early this morning, and went and got another load. Then we all went to the lake(lake michigan) for a dip, it was very refreshing, and the water was not too cold. It is a little dry so the corn is curling up a bit to save on water, but rain is in the for cast so it should be fine.
One of the hay fields in Buckley, the hill in the distant is Briar hill, the old timers say that when the this hill is blue it is good hay making wether. Our farm is to the west of this hill in the Marilla hills, Briar is in a range of hills Known as the Yuma hills.
After loading hay one evening we spotted this bow of promise when we were heading out from Nate's after getting hand dipped icecream cones. Nats's is a little store at the foot of the big hill that our farm is on top of.
Loading the trailer up.
Topping off the load.
Hooking up a bale.
Looking out from the top of the load.
One of my cousins helping fork loose hay into the hay mow.

This a video of me hooking up the last hay bale
Looking down on the lake from a bluff.
The Lake
The Beach


Jonathan said...

My brother and I are wondering, why do you bale onto the ground, instead of directly onto a wagon? It seems kind of...labor intensive.

Looking forward to another insightful answer,

Jonathan Potter

David said...

We do not have a hay trailer to hook up to the baler, and the farmer we get hay from cuts hay for others as well, so it is better for us to do it this way, so we can all get a load at the same time. plus some of the fields are hilly and a hay trailer would not work.

Hannah said...

This weeken was so fun! I'm glad you gah some beach pictures because I could not get me self to git out of the wauder!
It is so special to have such nice Cousins, Aunt and Uncle :)

Kimberly said...

I looks like a beautiful place to live. Nice pictures and blog.

Jennifer said...

Wow that hook for the hay is REALLY neat! :-D