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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Last night it turned cold and frosty it got down to 25 so the sap came back down the maple trees. Me and my youngest brother went out to the sugar bush and collected 100 gl. of sap. One of the things I did while the sap was boiling was wash eggs. Our 2 pregnant sows got out while we were washing the eggs, and we had to stop what we were all doing and herd them into their new outside pen. Then I hooked the electric fence up and turned it on. Then I want back to egg washing. The out of the ordinary highlight of the day was more road kill! We are going to eat it! It was picked up minutes after it was dead so don't get grossed out. I know this because it was still dying when going into town and on the way back it was still there. There are two things that I would like my readers to try to guess #1 is what kind of animal is the road kill? #2 look at the picture of the eggs and try to guess how many dozen chicken eggs there are, how many duck, and how many goose eggs? You can't see all the duck&goose eggs so I will tell you a hint. There are less then a dozen duck eggs, and less then ten goose eggs. The answers will be posted on friday so try to guess!


Jonathan said...

#1 a deer?
#2 14 Dozen Chicken, 7 goose and 11 duck, or 186 eggs?

-Jonathan Potter

Peter said...

Hello David,

I'll guess that there are 20 dozen eggs total (there's probably more than that). Not sure about how many duck or goose though. I'll guess 3 dozen duck and not many more than 1 dozen goose eggs!

Maybe the roadkill was a porcupine.

Welcome to blogging!

Peter Bartlett

Jonathan said...

I guess 20 dozen or slightly less. How many days worth of eggs is that?

As far as the roadkill, I'll say 'coon. They taste good, if you cook them right!

Anonymous said...

7 Goose
2 Duck
18 dozen Chicken Eggs
You did a great job on the clay oven chicken!
Love Ya,

MIgirls said...

Going out on a limb....I'm guessing 40 dozen chicken eggs....that might get a laugh...but that looks like a ton of eggs! Jenn's glad she doesn't have to clean that many in a day!
Enjoying your blog,
Mrs. Thomas

David said...

Mrs. Thomas's guess is very close! Jonathan B. asked how many days worth of eggs this is. it's about 7 days.

Hannah said...

Hmmm. . . Mrs Thomas is close? Then I'd guess 38 dozen chicken eggs, 6 goose, and 10 duck???
I don't know!
As far as the road kill, that venison was SO yummy this evening!

Hey, why don't I go look on the egg chart and get the EXSACT number?? hee hee! I won't!

Hannah said...

I looked at the spread sheet (after I wrote my previous guess) and I think I am pretty close! The amount I came up with after checking the sheet would be "32. blah blah blah" dozen and I guessed 38! We'll see!

Cora Beth said...

What a fun post!

My guesses are:
#1. a squirrel?--although I see your mother guessed a deer, and I imagine she knows what it was!
#2. I'm going to guess 36 dozen, 11 of which are duck eggs and 5 of which are goose eggs?

Also, I just wanted to say that I think you're very brave--to be holding that tray full of bees (in the bee post) without any gloves on!!! You would have laughed to have seen the outfit my mother and I concocted for her to wear while collecting bees for her therapy 3 years ago!

David said...

Here are the answers for the march 16th post. #2 answer is 38.5 dozen chicken eggs, 8 duck eggs,and 6 goose eggs. #1 was very good I ate some last night for dinner yes it is a deer! As to my bare hand holding the frame of bees. When I started beekeeping four years ago I did wear gloves and a bee veil. But I don't wear the gloves any more and still put on the veil if the bee seem upset that day. it is a lot easier to work them without gloves on. Also I use smoke to keep the bees calm.

MIgirls said...

That was a lot of fun! Considering I don't do much with our egg "stuff"...it will be fun to tell my family I was "close"!
Have a great weekend,
Mrs. T