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Monday, March 15, 2010

Today was bright and sunny, temperature was 60. After breakfast I got a fire going in our clay oven. And while I kept the fire going I did some yard clean up. After the fire was going good I let the sheep and goats out for a run. Then I watered the seeds in the hot bed with fish/seaweed fertilizer. I planted the seeds on the 12th and today I noticed the lettuce and radishes are all ready peeping up! Then it was time to prepare the oven for baking the bread dough that the rest of the family had prepared. The baking of the 21 loaves went well(3 batches of 7). The oven is still hot so Grace is making a batch of cookies.


Andrew B. said...

Hi David,
Welcome to BloggerVille!
My sister, Cora, told me about your new blog, so I thought I would stop over and say 'Hi!' :-) It is encouraging to see more godly young men out there, and a real blessing to be able to meet some of them through the internet, that I would otherwise never know... Keep up the good work!
In Him,
Andrew B.

Kimberly said...

That bread looks delicious! That's a lot of eggs!! Do you get that many in one day? Great blog.

David said...

thanks for the compliment. No this was a weeks worth of eggs.