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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mystery Plant

To day while gathering our sap I saw these growing at the foot of one of the maple trees. I thought it would make a nice picture. Can anyone guess what this plant is? It grows by the millions in the forests around here and is an edible. Also I took a picture of our small flock of sheep grazing in the Pasture. I will post the answer to the mystery plant on Saturday.
The sheep laying down are purebred Shetland the ones grazing are a mixture of Suffolk,Corriedale,polypay,Scottish black face,and Border leicester.


Jonathan said...

Lilly of the Valley?

- Jonathan Potter

Ms.Patricia said...

Is it a leek?

Cora Beth said...

Those little plants look a lot like the Lily of the Valley plant we have growing in our flower bed every year, but I don't think those are edible?

Anonymous said...


Peter said...

I don't have any suggestions for what plant that is. Doesn't look like any that grow in our oak forests!

We don't have too many (if any)maple trees where we live here either. There is some boxelder trees that can be tapped for syrup though.

Great blog posts! Peter