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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today I butchered five ducks and one large four footed animal. The ducks were brought to me yesterday from a man who lives near by. I had never met him before he just puled up the drive and asked if I butchered ducks, I said yes I do. He had a friend with him and he said I had butchered a caribou for his buddy. So I guess I have become the local butcher. This past winter I have butchered 22 deer,5 lambs, 9 hogs and 11 ducks. I did not do much advertising just one sign down at the main road that I put up during the deer hunting season that reads DEER PROCESSING $50.00. Processing animals for meat is something I enjoy doing and it is neat to see how God provides this work for me.
cutting up the four footed animal
Ready for the freezer, jerky and summer sausage
The five duck ready to be wrapped
Wrapped, labeled, and ready for the customer

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