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Saturday, March 13, 2010

market Day

Today I went with 4 members of my family to the Grand Traverse indoor market. This was my first time this year. The market is housed in the basement of the old state mental hospital that was bought by a group of investors and is still a work in progress. It is like a little city in the city hence the name for this complex THE VILAGE AT THE GRAND TRAVERSE COMMONS. It's nice to see these old buildings recycled and put to good use instead of being demolished.I brought farm fresh eggs (chicken, duck, and goose),open pollenated vegetable seeds that I saved last fall.And also two Ross rounds of 2009 honey comb(leftover from the last market I went to). Mama brought wool and other related goods. There was a good size crowd and we did quite good on sales. Also of note was the roadkill. I saw the first skunk just north of Buckley on M37. Then at the red school road crossing I saw a muskrat we "had " to stop for this one! I got out found that it was fresh, so I put it in the back of the pickup. Now the the rule up here is that if you see a roadkill you had better stop get it if you want it or the next person might get it! Enoch saw another skunk near Chum's corner this would have to wait till the way back! On the way back we located a few more skunks they were not fresh so we went on to the one Enoch saw earlier this one was good and fresh so I got out and got it. And then we went home to skin them. Enoch did the skunk and I did the muskrat. This is my first blog post and I am getting tired of writing so enough for now.


Andrew B. said...

Wow, You skinned a SKUNK? ~PHEW~ You've got more guts than me! Were you allowed back in the house when you were done? ;-)
Andrew B.

David said...

Andrew B.
It was my younger brother who had the guts to skin the skunk. I have skinned two skunks before too. Yes, we can come inside when we're done. we have methods to get the smell off our hands and we wear old coveralls.
~ David