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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"The Dig"

"The dig" is a special place on our farm it is an old narrow gauge railroad grade that was built in the late 1800s' for hauling logs out of the virgin forest by the Buckley&Douglas lumber co.It is now home to hundreds of wild plants and a wide selection of re growth trees. Red oak, sugar maple, Hornbeam, Cork elm, American elm, Basswood, Poplar, American black cherry, Stag horn sumac, and White and Red pine. We call it "The dig" because the original farmers used it for a dump.This junk has been removed but we still dig up some artifacts now and then some are old glass pop bottles and old parts to horse drawn equipment and the such, we have it on display in the back shack.

Blue cohosh
Dutchman's breeches flowers on the side of ''The dig"
An up close view of Dutchman's breeches. They look like little pants on the clothesline!
Some dug up junk on a stump
Moss on a stump
mullein leaves with dew on it
Yellow rocket weed
Solomon's seal root, the circle is what inspired the name
This is a new sprout of Solomon's seal plant
Each year when the plant dies back for the winter it leaves a "seal"
Looking East down "The dig"
Looking West down "the dig"
A trillium about to bloom
This is a Trout Lilly leaf, it looks out of place in this northern climate, more tropical than the other plants around it. It grows in a colony and reproduces by bulb clones and will also sometimes bloom and make seeds with a yellow lilly flower
I do not know what this plant is, it looks like it could be in the Lilly family too.

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Anonymous said...

I never thought about doing a DIG post. You captured this location well. There are so many gems to discover on this path! I like your contrast with "found" things and natural things.