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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Long Days

The days are growing noticeably longer with each passing. This is my most favorite time of the year(spring in the north). I don't think I would like living in The Land Of The Midnight Sun though I would like to experience 24 hours of sunlight someday. I think 18+ hours is enough for me! It is such a wonderful design the Creator put into place for all of us who live in the north. With such a short growing season we can still plant tropical plants such as corn and tomatoes, because of the long daylight hours, though the past two years have been a struggle do to cloudy wet wether. Another nice thing is it allows more time to get things done especially getting in the hay for the winter.
I have been busy getting ready to plant field corn about( 1.5 acres) we're planing on planting it by hand. I was going to plant it with the neighbor's four row corn planter but then I decided to plant it in hills every 36 inches both ways acrossed the field. This is the way corn was planted by the Indians and traditional farmers and how I planted it last year. This way of planting corn is called checked corn. And is the best way to plant the old verities of corn. The field is all ready for planting so when the rainy wether clears and the oak leaves are the size of squirrel's ears it will be time to plant the corn
Also today we had two more kids born.

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Anonymous said...

What a praiseworthy subject to post about: Long Days.
Longggggg days have their delight... I agree: especially in Northern, MI. I thank the Lord he is helping me to get up earlier ... short days in winter can tempt me into depressions that get the best of me. The trilliums in the dig have once again reminded me of how the cold seasons will pass and the growth of something tender will come forth. The beauty of this wildflower extends itself well into the longer days here.