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Monday, April 19, 2010


Yesterday one of the goats gave birth to three kids, one is a buck and two are does. We were surprised she had triplets since she did not look big enough. This goat has never had just one kid though, she had twins her first time. Also another Shetland sheep had twin ewe lambs a few day back so now the young of the herd is 3 lambs, and 4 kids.

Also we got a frost last night. The peach tree is in bloom and I hope the blossoms didn't freeze. The tree was planted by the previous farm owners and is on the south side of the barn. This is good for the peach tree since it is protected from north winds. Its a little to far inland to plant peach trees here in Michigan all the peach orchards are closer to Lake Michigan in what is called the fruit belt and is planting zone 6 but some of the orchards still get hit hard by frost. Which will probley happen this year since we had such worm days this early spring and the fruit trees are blooming too soon. We are zone 4/5 so we don't always get peaches from our tree. But maybe with the compost pile so close to the tree it will keep it warm at night.

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Jackie said...

Hi, I found your blog through someone else's. I used to live in Hoxeyville but now live in Montana. Your blog makes me homesick for Michigan, I like looking at the pictures and remembering about that area! Hope you don't mind me "following" you!