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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sheep shearing day

To day I sheared ten of our twelve sheep. I was not planing to shear to day but I noticed that one of the Shetland ewes was rubbing against a bush to snag her wool off. Shetland sheep are a primitive race of sheep and they will shed their wool on there own if it is left on too long in the spring. So I sharpened up the sheep shears and started shearing the one that just had a lamb the same one that was rubbing. This was the sheep's first shearing so the fleece is called a Hogget fleece because the tips of the wool locks is the wool the sheep was born with last year. I shear with hand shears they are shaped like two chef knives on a loop of spring steel which is the handle and look like a giant pair of scissors and are razor sharp. I can shear a sheep in 15-25 minutes depending on the size of the sheep. This is a lot slower than someone using power shears though the man who taught us could do it in 8 minutes. The 2 sheep left to shear are going to have their lambs any day so I'll wait till after they lamb to shear them.
Shearing a Polypay sheep
and shearing a Shetland
All done, Ah that feels much better
New mother takes a rest with her lamb after a bad hair day.


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Nice post!
that little lamb is a cutie
seeing a sheep free of it's wool almost gives me a feel of relief! It must be hard to cary all that weight for so many months.
I can't wait to start spinning :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, I feel so much better- time to get the wool washed!

Miranda said...

That is so cool, David!! I have always wanted to watch a sheep be sheared! :) I'm sure they are feelig much better now! :)


Andrew B. said...

"A bad hair day" LOL! Maybe it should be "A Baaa-d hair day" :-) We had sheep for several years, but I can't say that I miss them...
Andrew B.

Graham Donahue said...

A fellow shepherd/hand shearer :P. I just found your blog from J. Bartletts. I thought I should drop a comment!

-Graham P. Donahue