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Monday, April 5, 2010

Cleaning sap lines & Buffalo hides

Today I went to work again in the neighbors sugar bush. We had to bleach out the sap lines, this is a sort of messy job to do. Each spile has to be taken out of the tree and put into a special plastic fitting to seal the line until next year. To rinse out the lines we pumped a mild bleach solution in to them. When I would pull a spile out of the tree a spray of water would come out the end, and on to me. Sometimes it was not just water but sour sap that had thickened in the line, it was thick and white like snot!
Later on this evening one of my deer processing customers came and dropped of two buffalo hides for me to tan for him. I will be tanning them the traditional Indian way, using the brains and fat to oil and soften them and smoke to waterproof this softness.I will post updates on this project hopefully it will work out I'v never tanned a hide with the hair on using this method. I make braintanned buckskin so I think it will work out okay.

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Anonymous said...

You know I have always kept my distance when you have worked with smaller tubes, such as animal intestines. Mmm, I am not really sure I feel for you, or am glad for your bravery in attempting larger tubes of a different sort.