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Monday, April 12, 2010

Northern Lights

Last night we got home at dark from visiting friends. While unloading a sheep we picked up at my sisters house I noticed a glowing ark from east to west above the wooded hills to the north. At first I thought it was the lights of Traverse city lighting up ice crystals in the sky, which sometimes happens. Then the ark began to dance and swirl and spokes of light shot up from the the ark like spokes on a wagon wheel. Than the ark became a wide certain of light rippling, folding, and swirling. The lights lasted for half an hour slowly shrinking out of view. It was nice seeing the lights again we had not seen them fore several years. This is because we have had a period of low solar activity that causes northern lights. I had read that we should be seeing them again in 2011 so I'm glad there back early. It is nice to live in the North and be able to see this great work of God in the heavens.
Here is some pictures of aurora borealis or northern lights I got off the web
This picture was taken in our area on Lake Leelanau.


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Those northern lights were so beautiful! I am so glad that I saw them.
I like the pictures that you found on line. they are very pretty! God's creation is so amazing. I am so glad that he made the heavens and the earth colorful.

Jennifer said...

How fun! I've only seen them once, and loved them! :-)