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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Planting Oats&Barley

To day I planted the oat and barley seed. The first thing I had to do was go to the neighbors farm to barrow a crowfoot packer. I walk there first to see if the neighbor had got it out were I could get to it easier with the tractor to pull it home. When I got there the packer was still blocked by junk so I took a look at the ratchet that jacks it up on its wheels. The ratchet was worn out so I went back home and got a pipe wrench and drove back there on the Kubota tractor. I got it jacked up and hitched to the tractor and drove back home. The packer works good for smoothing out the soil after plowing and discing and after seeding to help settle the seed for better germination. I planted about 1/3 acre, half of this is oats and the other is barley. In a few days I'll plant red clover in the oats and barley, this fixes nitrogen from the air to the soil and is used by the oats and barley as a natural fertilizer.
The crowfoot packer

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Anonymous said...

Remind me to harvest the clover blossoms when they are at picking stage... I might forget. I am happy to have our own clover.