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Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring snow

Yesterday It snowed all day, the snow was wet and so was the soil so it did not accumulate until the evening. And now this morning there is a light dusting of snow. In 2007 we got a big dump of snow at this time, close to 2 feet of snow. It was sad because it had gotten very warm and all the song birds were back from the south. When the snow melted we found a lot of dead Robins and Meadowlarks. No meadowlarks nested in our paster that year nor the next, last year one pair nested, and this year they seem to be up again in population and I can hear them singing their song that sounds like they're saying. "spring O thee year...... really? YES! O spring..... spring O thee year!" as I write.


Miranda said...

I'm sad it was snowing as well! Just when it got warm it started to get cold again! I am really looking forward to spring so i'm hoping it warms up....SOON! : )


David said...

Yes I hope It does too. The wether forecast for this week says 67 degrees for next Week! While planting peas today I could feel the suns warmth though my jacket and then a cloud would cover the sun and a few snow flakes started coming down. Its that time of year when the wether can't make up its mind!