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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yesterday we went to sell things the farmers market. it was nice to be setup in doors out of the cold wether. Yes it went from 80 on wednesday to cold and a little snow in the air on Saturday! I was not too surprised though because the third saturday of April is the spring consignment auction day. It seems to either rain or snow on that day. This is a good thing though for the sale because, as the auctioneer once said in his opening speech "Now I pick a rainy cold day so you all can come, no one is out sunning on the beach or raking their lawn." We stopped by the auction on our way back from the market to see the goings on there. You can bring any thing to this auction to have it sold to the highest bider so there is a lot of stuff to look at. mostly farm stuff and used vehicles and a tent of antiques. There are twelve rows of stuff for sale and three or four auctioneers and hundreds of people. We did not stay long it was late in the day and cold.
A GMC pickup we saw there with a lode of goodies from the sale
Back view of the North woods style political sign!
Scrap steel is $290. a ton so it looks like the someone is going to make a few bucks!

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