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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Planting time!

The maple syrup season is over so I have been working up the soil for planting. This year I'm planting oats and barley I have never had experience growing these crops before. So it will be interesting to watch them grow and come to harvest. I plan to harvest by hand with a sickle and shock the sheaves in the field to dry before threshing by hand also. I like to do thing the ancient way as much as I can in this day and age. Though I do use an old tractor (1948 Ford 8N) at this point in time, I'd like to have a team of horses or oxen someday before fuel becomes to expensive. Today we went to the farmer's market there was quite a crowd though most of the people were there with their children for an egg hunt and face painting event.I brought a new product this time, unpoped pop corn that I grew. I only sold 1# but I got an order for 50# for this fall from a baker who uses it in his pancake mix.
Me on the 1948 Ford 8N

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